Mean Girls (No, Not The Movie)

Sarah has arrived!
Girls are really stupid and pathetic, seriously. I see it a lot in TV shows, they put out that stupidity in girls, fighting over the stupidest thing (mostly guys) or backstabbing each other and more. Girls are capable of being the meanest beings on the planet. Me being a girl I know first hand how mean girls can be to each other, girls just want popularity and the boys, most girls at least. I'm not one of those, I've done mean things but never to the point of meanness, if that even makes any sense at all. But this is why they are stupid, because they are so mean to each other and what is the point of being mean in the first place? To get the guy that will only last a week? To be popular and get everyone to like you but while in the future they will think you were the biggest witch ever? I see no point. Most girls haven't figured out that being nice can do the same thing with better results! You can attract the right guy by being nice and keep him for a life time. You can win over everyone by kindness and keep them as friends forever. The girls that are mean have the right mindset but got it all wrong because they think that no one will take them seriously if they are nice to everyone and they will be taken advantage of but you've got to know your limits. Be mean when you have to but don't take it so far where you're considered mean. Going back to the TV shows, that's where most girls learn to be mean, watching other girls be mean on television. I think young girls shouldn't watch shows where there are mean girls because they will want to be like them.
Guys are different, they are laid back and really don't care, unless they are gay then they are the meanest ever, maybe even meaner than girls. I mean straight guys could be really mean too, but nothing compared to girls. Then since girls are so mean to each other guys think it's OK for them to make fun of us too! Girls should act like guys in that sense, that they really don't care and are just really laid back. Then middle & high school might not be all that bad for girls. But adults can be very mean too, you think they'd be grown up about it but no. These adults haven't learned from their mistakes as teens.


"Wii" Love The Wii

Katie here!
Since games and electronics was also tied on our poll along with music I'll post about this.
Ever since the Wii came out my sister and I were addicted! We used to play Gamecube and before that Nintendo 64. But i think this one is the best out of them all. It is a great gaming system and I love the idea of the whole sensor bar thing, where you move the controller and it controls what you do in the game. There are many games for the Wii and most of them have been recreated from the Gamecube, which is another reason I love the Wii because I can play the games I played on the Gamecube but Wii format. Even better I can play my Gamecube games on the Wii console. It has better graphics I think and the controller is well made to fit in your hand and feels even more comfortable when you have the cover on it. The whole idea of the Wii Channels is a very smart idea and in the menu form they are easily accessible. I like the whole idea where you can buy games and have easy access to them on the channel. For example you can have one of the old versions of Super Mario Brothers and also PacMan! I also love that you can browse the internet, it would be more convenient if you had the Wii Keyboard, which we have not purchased yet. You can sit on the couch and go on all your favorite websites from Facebook to Hotmail. I like playing on the WiFi and battling people with almost every game such as Guitar Hero and Mario Kart.
But there are things that could be better on the Wii, like if you're a gamer and into hardcore games this isn't the system for you, it's more for kids and adults to play together. With the WiFi you can't really talk to the people, which would be nice but since this is a system that is mostly used by children I guess they didn't add the feature, but now they have the Wii Speak, which was thought up with Animal Crossing. I also wish that you could have more than four players play at a time, wouldn't that be cool? Like you're having a party and you have like eight people playing Mario Kart, I think that's the only game that could really work for more than four players and it is really reasonable because there are twelve places in the race. Happy Gaming!

Freckles: Our Cat

Sarah again.
Our second pet was a cat, his name is Freckles. He is eight now I think? He still acts like a little kitten though, I don't understand. We never got him declawed because when we looked up how it was done it looked painful, but I think we should of because he puts us and the furniture in more pain now and his pain would of only been for a few weeks, our pain is a lifetime! Plus my mom never cuts his nails so they are long and scary sharp. I think he should be detoothed too, or at least get his little fangs clipped. :) Want to know why we, well I named him Freckles? Because he has these spots on his stomach, why not call him Spots? Because Freckles came to my head first, sheesh! Plus it's cuter. He has a few nicknames, Mr. Freckles, Frecklito, Stupid Cat (what my dad calls him when he is on the table, doesn't he know that the cat rules the house and doesn't care?) and then there are names my friends have came up for him like Stripes and Skittles, I don't know why though.
When we first went to see him I picked him out right then and he looked just like his mom, but he was the runt of the pack and my mom almost didn't get him because of that, she did though because she knew it would break my heart if she didn't. Freckles was born in a dresser, so no wonder he loves to go into my drawers when I leave them open, it's pretty cute. When I was moving around the furniture in my room I took out the drawer of my side table and next thing you know he is in the space where the drawer was. =)
He almost died when he was a kitten because he had a urinary track infection, it was so sad I caught it because he was sitting funny and then he had to get surgery and if it wouldn't of been for me he probably would of died. Now he eats special food because he is special. He can't have treats or that stuff that prevents them from having hair balls and let me tell you hair balls are definitely not balls, they are more like a puddle. He is an inside cat and that's good because he doesn't get harmed by the outside world. He is a meanie cat sometimes, he will attack you for no reason and if you pet him when he doesn't want to be petted he will bite you! But he is a really good cat though, he likes attention and likes to play and he loves to be pet when he is in the mood. He gets too lonely sometimes like during the summer, like now, when I sleep in late he scratches on my door to come inside because no one is around. He does this at night too but sometimes when I open the door he doesn't come inside just looks at me so I close the door and he scratches again, it's non stop until he finally comes inside. But then when it's early in the morning he gets hungry and wants to get out and eat, so guess what? He scratches on the door to get out. He is a fat cat, well not literally fat, it's amazing he eats so much and he loves people food and will come up to you and get in your face if you have food, it takes a lot for him to give up, but we usually give in first, he is just too cute! His favorites are fish (obviously) and other meat, cantelope, yogurt, ice cream, cereal and tape, yes tape. My mom has a towel taped to the tabled underneath the tablecloth so it won't move and when she changes it the tape is all eaten up, by who you guess? Yes that's right Freckles! So and you're probably wondering he likes cantelope, yes he loves it. When my dad is cutting it up with a knife its like he is cutting fish, he is all over him. One time we left the container, closed, ontop of the table and he pushed it off and it opened and we found him eating it. Oh he also loves fish food, he is one strange cat. Talking about the fish sometimes we'd put a chair by the fish tank and he would sit there and look at them and try and get on top of it and eat them! Poor fishies! So that's all for Mr. Freckles, I could talk more but then I'd never stop so buh byes. I'll have Katie write the one about our doggie.

P.S. Did I mention he also likes boxes?

The Fish In Our Life

Sarah has entered the building.
I just added the Zemanta widget! Lets see how it holds up. =) My sister hasn't been keeping up with her blog, tisk, tisk, tisk. I'll get her to write another one soon.
I've decided to talk about our pets; past, present and future (yes, I can read the future). So our first pet was fish, yes how boring, my dad loves fish though, he takes pride in them. Feeding them every night is a routine. There is a picture of our fish tank, it's pretty cute. :) We still have these fish and no not the same ones as before, there is this one that's in there though that has this deformed back and it's been in there forever, haha. Let me share a few fishy stories with you that are quite humorous. So we had this crab in the fish tank (we had a few crabs) and it decided to climb up those fake plants, that really don't look real at all, and out of the fish tank, good thing we found him while he was still wondering about the top of the fish tank so we could put him back. Imagine if one of us would of stepped on him, OUCH! So my dad put him back and the put aluminum foil ontop of the hole, but that didn't stop him from trying. Then there are these fish that like to get stuck in the little filter tube, like in Finding Nemo where Nemo has to put the rock in the filter and swims up the tube. My fish aren't smart enough to swim there way out. Oh and then we had this fish that we named Sharky, you can only imagine why. So he was being a bad boy so we put him in time out in the sink in a pitcher. Yes, I know what you're thinking, why put a fish in time out in the sink? Why not in a corner! We learned our lesson after he commited suicide, who knew there were suicidal fish out there. He jumped out of the pitcher into the sink, he died. It was so sad he was my favorite fish ever. =( Then we had these goldfish, there was this deformed one that one eye was huge and the other was normal, I guess we attract deformed fish.
I decided I'm going to make a post for each pet, so the post won't be really long, so you can pick which pet you want to read about. Catch you later.


Music... Stereotyping?

Hey it's Sarah here, how my I take your order?
So with the poll being a three way tie between music, electronics and games I will have to choose one and maybe Katie will do one too if she ever blogs again! I wanted to do food, I love food! What's wrong with you people. Well ieny, miney, miny, moe I pick... MUSIC! What is there to say about music, well it pretty much defines people these days I mean people who like the same music practically hang out together and look the same, that's strange isn't it? Like if you like rock or punk music you dress in these dark clothes and your hair all long and in your face with that look sad look upon your face. Or maybe you listen to pop, you wear preppy bright shirts do your hair all nice and cute and if you're a guy people might think you're a bit gay.Then there is rap, this is the best one of them all, if your a guy you're clothes are way too big for you and if you're a girl your clothes look way too small and you talk improperly and walk funny. Yes, I am stereotyping, but why not? We do live in a stereotypical world. Everyone is stereotyped, there is a class for everyone, if you really think hard enough you can put yourself in a type, here let me list a few out to help you: prep, jock, chonga, nerd, rocker, emo... the list goes on, I was going to get more serious in the labels but I just named the clean ones. I mean these things are useful if you don't know someones name and want to point them out, "Hey, look over there at that nerd!" But it's really just another way for people to be mean and discriminate, there isn't just rich and poor and black and white anymore there is a whole array of labels and most likely if you're one label you aren't gonna be good friends with people from another. I think people should just be care free on what other people are into or what they are "labeled" because it will bring world peace (no I'm not a pageant girl). If you think about it all the fighting is due to the differences and their discrimination, so if we all just got over that everything will be great! I don't discriminate, well that much I get to know a person before I label them, but I'm still gonna be their friend if they are nice and trustworthy. So that's all folks, see you next time! :P

P.S. Want to find out your label/stereotype? Click here!

The Real Truth

Hello my peoples, it's Sarah!
Who would of thought, how low can people go seriously? The kid who had the accusations against Michael Jackson just dropped them saying his father made him do it for the money. I'm trying to find the article because it was in the newspaper and my mother read it to me. I found a couple, here is two for your convenience. =) With Death, An End To Jackson's False Abuse Accusations and Michael Jackson: False Accusations or Phony Confession.
But seriously what is wrong with people these days, no one has respect, decency or love for one another, everyone just uses everyone to their own benefit, it's really disgusting. These days are about getting to the top, either being the top of the business class, being the most popular, or getting all the boys/girls, and people will do anything to get there. Backstabbing, lying, heartbreaking, betrayal, it's all been done and everyone has done it. I can say I've lied to my friends and such but I don't go to the extent of backstabbing, unless they have don it first of course. Actually I'm too nice to do something like that I'd just ignore them and I can tell you I've been backstabbed plenty of times by people that said they were my "friends." I used to have parties in middle school and everyone was my friend, well at least I thought, but then I realized they just used me for the parties. I don't talk to any of my so called friends from middle school, I hated middle school, why? Because people were so mean. People take advantage of me because I am too nice and I don't stand up for myself, I've been trying to get better at this but still I can't stand up for myself because no one takes me seriously because I'm always smiling and laughing. I seriously can not keep a straight face for more than a few seconds. I really hate fake friends. I only have like three real friends and that's all I need. So I can give you one piece of advice, which my mother has tried to warn me because the same thing has happened to her, don't let people take advantage of you and walk all over you, stand up for youself and know who your real friends are. I'm still young and I've learned my lesson and I'm trying to fix it.


Materialistic Age

Long time no blog, its Katie!
Middle school is one of the worst years you have to go through! I mean seriously who here (other than the overly popular kids) really liked it? Rumors about who is stuffing their bras, who likes who and also what you have to go through for people to like you. The clothes you wear are what get you friends these days. Even when you wear uniforms to school, the accessories and brands you have to wear. You can look exactly the same for less when shopping at department stores. People even buy brand name backpacks and hair barrettes! Particularly, I could care less. Some things that I wear are like that but only because I like it. Most people don't even know what or why they wear. When I talk about "it" I am talking about neon pants, splattered shirts, and the crazy studded belts. But like I said it's pretty hard to make friends in this "time". Regrettably, having a good friendship is hard to be found in our materialistic world where money and looks are considered as criteria for having friends. But lucky for me none of my friends judge me for what I have or not have. I don't fit in with those types of people. Changing the topic slightly, what happened to the modesty in teen clothing? Why so revealing? All these dresses and shirts have two feet necklines and shorts and skirts three inches long. It's like we are eventually going to be walking around in the nude or with leaves covering our privates. Now for the guys they think they are "pimping" when they wear extra large shirts and pants that are two sizes too big just to show their underwear. And what about those shoes, they could start a light show. Boys leave the pink for girls!! What parents have to do to get their kids looking decent.


Leashes: Parents Have To Let Loose

Hey it's Sarah! This weekend has been a hassle, sorry Katie and I weren't posting.
So, today's topic is parents and their leashes on their kids. I think that parents shouldn't be so strict on their kids because it will make them rebel and fight against the tiny leash the parents have put out for them to be free in. It isn't much freedom, so they fight for more and just do what their parents say not to do, pissing them off, which is fun for the kids. They should give some freedom to their kids, not restrict them as much as possible because in the end it'll all be for nothing. Plus if you restrict them so much they won't learn anything for the real world because if you have them learn something on their own, they will know not to do it then be following orders not to, which won't work as well because it's tempting to break the rules. If the parents don't let them be independent while they are young, they will always be dependent and never know right from wrong and probably come back to live at home. Bouncing off these two ideas, them rebelling from parents being to strict and them never experiencing independence until they leave the house for good. Of course they shouldn't let them wild free but just have an adjustable leash to let them experience but know when they are going to far. I also think home schooling is bad for a kids social life, I mean if it's the only thing you can do because you're traveling around the world fine, but normal kids being home schooled is like limiting their out of the house experience because school is a place away from home (not saying anyone likes going to school =P). Kids just won't be able to socialize because they are just with their parents at home; school is the place where friendship bonds are made and that can last a lifetime. I'm not downgrading on anyone's parenting but just informing the public on how it could affect the children, I read this one article how kids are getting obese from strict parents because of the stress! Do what's best for your child and that doesn't mean locking them in their room until they're 50.


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